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Stewarts Cellar Clearance Sale!

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17th January to 2nd February

In store only @ The Barracks

Once a year, just before we go back to school from the summer holidays, Ted wanders down to our cellars to make room for new vintages of wines that will start to arrive in the New Year. As you will know from visiting our store at The Barracks, there is no more room for new wines there, and our cellars are just as full!

SO something has to GO!

It's the time of year that Ted has to make some hard decisions about the wines that we have kept in pristine cellaring conditions at Stewarts, usually since these wines were released as new vintages. Wines that have aged in our cellars with love and care, and are now ready to be consumed by you with joy and abandon, will find their way onto the Sale Tables in our store at The Barracks, Petrie Terrace in Brisbane to be cleared to make way for more wine that Ted wants to buy!

Please take this opportunity to adopt some of these lovely wines at most excellent (for you!) prices while this madness that has overtaken us lasts (from 17th January to 2nd February, in store only @ The Barracks).

* * * While we are having our Cellar Clearance Sale, we have had a clean out of all of our shelves and have heaps of other wines, spirits, beers and gift items all on Sale at cost and below - you will find them on our Sale Tables and on our shelves specially marked from $5 upwards!

(A selected list of excerpts from the Cellar Clearance Sale will be sent by email to all Cellar Club Members on the 16th Jan to tempt you to visit the store on the 17th - Don't worry, the best bargains will not last through the first day of the Sale, so be quick to visit on the 17th - we will open the store at 10:00am!)


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